Our Eczema Struggles…..

Since my oldest Josh was born almost 4 years ago now eczema has been a constant conversation in our house. Both my boys have had eczema since birth, it has been a constant struggle to find the right balance for both. The older Josh has gotten the severity of his symptoms have definitely lesJosh and Lachie Cuddlesened, Lachlan’s eczema however has always been much worse I do feel like we have finally found some great products and a routine that works for both the boys.

Something that frustrates me is that I get so many people that think oh it’s just eczema a little skin condition, but until you’ve experienced eczema or have child with eczema you don’t understand how much it effects every aspect of daily life. Lachlan’s eczema symptoms are so severe that he has to have special bath wash and moisturiser, all his clothes, bedding and towels washed separately, there is even certain foods that he can’t have. It is an operation, and everyone is different when it comes to eczema, so you really go through a lot of trial and error in finding what works and what doesn’t.

After finding a great skin care range that helped and changing all the detergent products in our house Lachlan was still getting somJosh pillowe irritation from eczema, obviously I was pleased for the improvements that we had seen so far but as a mum when it comes to your babies 75% better isn’t good enough. That’s when I started searching for what else I could do, that’s when the universe delivered, and I was introduced to the protect-a-bed range. I know what you’re thinking really, she is about to tell us that bedding helped with my son’s eczema, but hear me out. Did you know that we sweat up to 1L of body fluid per night and lose millions of skin flakes each night? That after 5 years, half the weight of a mattress can be made up of our own body fluids, skin cells, mould and bacteria that seep into our bedding. If that doesn’t gross you out enough dust mites also lurk in an unprotected mattress and are a major cause of asthma and allergies. As much as 30% of the population are actually allergic to dust mite.

I have always had waterproof mattress protectors on all the bed in our house, but they have always just been really cheap ones. So, I decided after finding out about the protect-a-bed range I went out and bought one for Lachlan’s cot, specifically one from the signature Tencel range. The signature Tencel range isn’t like other mattress protectors it is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and Red Nose (Sids and Kids) as well as the Eczema Association aJosh and Lachie Pillows Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested. The improvement in Lachie’s skin has been dramatic it has been almost 3 weeks since I changed his mattress protector and you can’t even tell he has eczema at all. The mattress protector is so soft I don’t even use a sheet on his bed anymore it is incredible. My husband even said to me just yesterday that he could see how much better his skin is, his redness is completely gone and so is his incredibly dry skin.

I’m so pleased to have found the protect-a-bed range as I feel like it is the final piece of the puzzle for our eczema journey. Touch wood that things only getting better from here and that with any luck Lachlan will grow out of having eczema, but even if he doesn’t at least I know we have found what works for him.

If you want to check out their range, you can visit https://protectabed.com.au/collections/all they are currently offering free shipping simply enter code: SYDNEYMUMS when you check out.

Thanks for reading and as always if there are any requested topics you want me to write about or you have any questions you can comment on latest Instagram post or DM me @studymummysteph.

Steph XO

Protect-A-Bed website: www.protectabed.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/protectabedaus

 Instagram: www.instagram.com/protectabedau

One thought on “Our Eczema Struggles…..

  1. L-Dub says:

    I feel your pain, both of mine have had eczema since they were babies. My oldest isn’t too bad but my youngest sometimes scratches himself so much in his sleep that he bleeds! xx


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