Our Week Trialling Reusable Nappies…..

nappy-products.jpgLachlan and I were given the opportunity recently to try the Miosolo all-in-one reusable nappies from Bambino Mio. I have never used reusable nappies with my first-born Joshua, I think as a first time mum I had so much to learn that I didn’t really think too deeply about the environmental impact or health benefits. However, with Lachie I was a lot more confident and I definitely didn’t feel like I had as much to learn, it more was more just about figuring out the new balancing act of having two kids. I’ll admit that part of my hesitation at trying reusable I had horrible thoughts of spending hours on end scrubbing pooey nappies but I can honestly say it was nothing like that. I didn’t actually have to scrub any of the nappies even the poop ones lol. What I didn’t know was there is a thin biodegradable nappy liner that you place inside the nappy and this contained everything.

First impressions:

The available prints on these reusable nappies are so stylish and modern, justThe Challenege Cards from an appearance perspective they look so much better than disposable one. The nappies themselves feel soft, thick and really good quality material, even my husband was impressed with how the nappies looked and felt. I was both excited and nervous to start using the nappies, I love that it came with challenge cards as well to really test out the Miosolo nappies. I decided to break the challenges up into day just to make it easier on myself. This is how we went…..

Day One: The Stay At Home

The title really explains it, spend the day at home which we did. So, what surprised me the most was how absorbent the product was and how much the fabric seemed to contain the smell. So after a full using the nappies there were no leaks and the liner held in most of the ‘mess’

Day Two: The Out & About

So, for day two I headed out with both the boys to do some shopping, this challenge was Lachie Nappy Buttprobably the one I was most nervous about. I also went to lunch with my sister to try and be out of the house for as long as possible, I ended up being out of the house for 5 hours. I made sure I used a parent room to do a nappy change as well and it was really the same as a disposable nappy, except instead of putting the nappy bag with the used nappy in it in the bin I put it back in the nappy bag to take home and wash. If anything, I found the reusable slightly easier because you don’t have to do the whole stretch the nappy out before you put it on.

Day Three: The Overnight

Since Lachie is a little older and doesn’t poop during the night anymore I don’t do any nappy changes during the night. He goes to bed at 7:30pm and sleeps through till 7:30am so the nappies need a good absorbency. Lachie spent a full 12 hours overnight in the nappy and it didn’t leak or smell and get bulky like disposable nappies tend to. So I was really impressed with how they held up after 12 hours wearing it.

Day Four: The Dad, Grandparent or Babysitter

I got my husband to complete the challenge for day four, I still had to give him a quick Lachie Nappy SMilerun down of what he had to do, putting the liner in and etc. So after I explained what to do and left the room, there was only one small issue and that was he tried to do the nappy too tight because he thought that the Velcro had to over lap in the middle, lol. I explained that it is a one size fits all, and that he was trying to fit it to newborn size, lol.

Day Five: The Washing & Drying

I was lucky enough to also have the Bambino Mio washing detergent to use as well. However, due to Lachie severe eczema issue that we have been managing really well lately I decided to use the normal washing detergents that I use for him as I know it doesn’t irritate his skin. I just did a normal machine wash with just the nappies on their own and then dried them on the washing line as I refuse to own a dryer (That’s a whole other story).


The Final Verdict:

Overall, I really enjoyed using the reusable nappies,Lachie Side on Nappy the two main things that surprised me were the absorbency of the nappies which far exceeded my expectations and how easy they were to clean. I think that if you are on the fence about reusable nappies then it is definitely worth giving the Bambino Mio nappies a try as I honestly can’t fault them. I will however say that I am glad to be trialling them with Lachie at the age he is now because he only goes through a few nappies a day, I don’t think I could imagine doing it when he was a newborn, lol. Will I keep using the reusable nappies? Absolutely I can see the benefits not only for the environment and being more cost effective but it is also less chemicals that Lachie is exposed to on a regular basis and considering his skin is so sensitive I think it is well worth the little extra effort it takes using reusable nappies.

Lachie Nappy1

Thanks for reading and as always if there are any requested topics you want me to write about or you have any questions you can comment on latest Instagram post or DM me@studymummysteph.

Steph XO

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