New Skincare Routine

With the change in season’s it has been wreaking havoc on my skin so when the opportunity came up to try a new skin care range I of course said yes! Every winter this happens my skin get so dry and yet every year I am still surprised. As a child I had eczema and dermatitis and would often have painful flare ups on my hands and feet particularly. Even now as an adult I am still affected by the eczema especially on my face, so I am always looking for a good quality skincare range.

The ARTISTRY Range that I have been trialling is the Hydra-V Regime Pack and it is partARTISTRY Photo 1 of their signature solutions. I’ve been using the Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser, the Softening Lotion and the Nourishing Gel Cream. Within 2 days of using the products my skin was so much smoother and more hydrated. I was a little concerned about having to use three products, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but as a busy mum the time I get to spend on myself. However, I was pleasantly at how quickly and easy the products were to use, It says to use them twice daily, but I just use them at the end of the day to take my make up off.
Overall, I have such a great experience using the ARTISTRY Hydra-V Regime and will be continuing to use them. I would also recommend it to anyone looking for a new skincare range or aren’t happy with the current products they are using.

ARTISTRY PhotoARTISTRY even offers Mums an opportunity to start their own beauty business and become a Beauty Consultant and make some extra cash, work from home and even start their journey to becoming a Mumpreneur! I love ARTISTRY as a business so much that I even recommended it to my little sister after she had her daughter last year. Before she had her daughter. If you would like to become an ARTISTRY Beauty Consultant, you can find more info at you can also check out ARTISTRY’s social media pages using the links below.

Thanks for reading and as always if there are any requested topics you want me to write about or you have any questions you can comment on latest Instagram post or DM me @studymummysteph.

Steph XO

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