My Mini Office Makeover

As a new semester at University starts I did my usualBefore Office shop for school essentials and thought maybe it was time for a little desk/ work space makeover. I use my home office to study and do assignments, but its also where I work and write most of my blogs. It’s a space that I use regularly and try to keep clean but as you can see in the before photo that doesn’t always happen lol. So, I decide a mini makeover might be just what I need as a little incentive to keep my desk clean…. here’s hoping lol.

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to stationery or any office supplies really and having it all match well that just soothes my soul. I chose the Paint and Play range from Smash Enterprises because I love the colours and I think they suit my personal style. I started by give my desk a good clean because let’s be honest it needed it! My goal for my desk was to keep it simple and multi-functional but trying to avoid clutter. So.… it is the final result of my mini home office makeover!!!!! I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

Desk After


I also wanted to share my three favourite products out of the range…..

One: The Day Planner
I currently use a diary, a weekly and monthly Day Planner Deskplanner, I know that sounds excessive, but I have a husband who works away, I work causally and am at University fulltime, running a blog/website and did I mention the two small humans I’m raising as well? Scheduling and planner are a must! This planner is great because its like a large notepad where you can rip the page off after you’ve finished with it or if you need to take it out with you.

Desk Draws.jpgTwo: The Accessories Set
I have a pin board/ whiteboard above my desk, so I am always using push pins and bulldog clips for that. I am a self-confessed paperclip hoarder, not intentional it just seems like whenever I need them I can never find them so then I end up buying more and finding the old ones when I don’t need them, lol. I ended up getting myself these cute little draws to keep them in so I hopefully don’t lose them anymore.

Three: The Pom Pom Pens Pom Pom Pens.jpg
Oh My Goodness they are pink and purple pom pom pens what’s not to love!! These pens are super cute and fun, already my boys keep taking them out of my office to play with them.

If you wanted to see more of the Paint and Play range it is available in-store at Big W now! They also have more Desk Makeoverranges on offer if you wanted something for boys as well. Personally I think this is a gorgeous and affordable stationery range for kids and adults. I am so happy with the final result of my desk and I already am looking forward to all the time that I am going to have to spend in my office this semester. If you would like to check out more of their ranges or any of the other Smash products I have put the links to their website and social media pages below.

If you decide to do your own office/ desk makeover please feel free to tag me on Instagram as I would love to see them. Thanks for reading and as always if there are any requested topics you want me to write about or you have any questions you can comment on latest Instagram post or DM me @studymummysteph.
Steph XO

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