Switching to Mineral Make-Up

I would describe myself as a makeup novice, growing up with out my mum and not havSteph Year 11ing any aunt’s or older females in my life meant I was never exposed to it at all. In fact, I never even started wearing makeup till after I left school when I was 17-18 (see terrible pale baby face photo!). Back then there was no YouTube videos you could watch, the best you could do was to try the testers out in the shop and they were usually disgusting. Most of what I know now is just from years of trial and A LOT of error, but even then, my makeup “style” is minimal compared to others.

So how did I start using Lust? I found Lust Minerals on Instagram, they were having a giveaway where 4 lucky ladies could win their choice of a Lust product! Despite having tried mineral makeups before there was some about Lust that I really want to try, so I eLust Minerals Photontered and was lucky enough to WIN!! I have always used a liquid foundation, so I got the BB Cream I also purchased one of their amazing promo bundles which came with a loose powder, HD Setting powder, Matte Primer and the incredible Kabuki Brush (A must purchase). I was a little nervous about choosing a shade online because its hard enough for me to choose the right shade when I am in person looking and hold the product. However, when ordering I spoke to Stacey from Lust Mineral and she ask me a few simple questions and was then able to advise me what shade she thought would match my skin tone best…. she was spot on; this girl clearly knows her stuff 😉

The team are Lust Minerals are incredible, their customer service is above and beyond and while the products themselves are amazing, for me what sets them apart is their Steph Lustpassion for creating a genuine mineral make up for active women that is sweat resistant. When I received my first order I really like the BB Cream, but the loose powder and HD Setting truly revolutionised the way I saw not just mineral makeup but all makeup forever. I couldn’t and still can’t believe the amount of coverage that it gives for a loose powder foundation yet doesn’t make my skin look dry like I thought using only powder would.

I thought I would share some of my favourite products with you all, these are the ones that I personally use every day and love. I will also put the links to the Lust Minerals website and their social media pages if you would like to check out their products or have a chat to them about colour matching.

1. If I could only choose one single product out of the entire Lust range it would hands down be the HD Setting Powder. An absolute must for any active gal out there as it is sweat resistant or for those who love a flawless finish on their makeup (who doesn’t, lol).

2. The Gel Mattifying Primer, I love primer and it really is a crime not to prime!! This primer evens out skin tone and not only helps you make up go on smoother but it also makes you make up last longer! As with most of the Lust products you only need a small amount so the products themselves last.

3. The Loose Powder and Kabuki Brush, now yes this technically is two separate products but to get the best application you need the Kabuki Brush! Trust me when I say not all makeup brushes are created equally and using this brush not only give you a better application and more coverage, but again you don’t have to use as much product.

I hope this blog has provided some insight into using Lust Mineral Make Up and if you would like more information about Lust Minerals or would like to check out and purchase their products you can find the links to their website and social medias below. You can also you the code “STUDYMUMMY15” at the checkout for a discount.

Thanks for reading and as always if there are any requested topics you want me to write about or you have any questions you can comment on latest Instagram post or DM me @studymummysteph.

Steph XO

Lust Minerals Photo 1

Lust Minerals Website: www.lustminerals.com.au

Lust Minerals Facebook: www.facebook.com/lustminerals/

Lust Minerals Instagram: www.instagram.com/lustminerals__/

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