About Me

I’m a mum of two beautiful boys Joshua and Lachlan, wife to Matthew. I’m also a full-time student and mummy blogger. Whilst pregnant with my boys I gained around 15 kilos both times, after having them I struggled to find a healthy way to lose the weight and maintain it. I really lost myself in the role of being a wife and a mother and became unhappy and overweight. I finally decided to start making time for myself, which for me meant joining a gym and working out. As the weight started to come off I was learning to respect my body and admire what it was capable of. It was with this new-found confidence and self-love that I applied to University to get my Bachelor of Education, which is what I am currently studying. After my youngest son was diagnosed with a severe speech delay I decided to specialise in early childhood psychology and development.

What I hope to achieve by sharing my journey is to inspire others to follow their dreams whatever they may be and where ever they may be in their lives. While showing that being healthy and fit comes in all shapes and sizes. One of my favourite quotes is “nothing worth having comes easy” and this is something that I truly believe and constantly remind myself of if self-doubt starts to creep in.💗🙏🏼

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